When addressing software matters we try to leverage the vast array of freeware, Open Source Software (OSS), or free services available on the web. Unfortunately our requirements don’t always fit with the software already in circulation. In these cases we can either change our requirements or develop new solutions to address the problem. This page is dedicated to the latter option.

Tech[niques] Projects

Tech[niques] solutions will be developed using the most appropriate platform and packaging for the job, and will vary from simple scripts to fully fledged applications, and even services hosted on our website.

Project Description
hReview Dynamic Template for Windows Live Writer A dynamic template/form to make hReview authoring easier in Windows Live Writer.
Lotus Notes Email Export Lotus Notes email client agents to export your email as .eml files.

All downloadable software produced by Tech[niques] will be released as freeware or OSS.

Goldenlight Software Projects

Goldenlight Software produces freeware applications covering a variety of topics, but initially is focusing upon learning applications for students.

Project Description (source: Goldenlight Software)
Learn Your Words Learn Your Words is a program that has been designed to help you learn any words or text-related material (within reason) you need to learn.
Ketsukou Flash Cards Coming soon…
Virtuoso File Integrity Checker Virtuoso File Integrity checker is a program that has been designed to validate files and confirm that they are in the same state that they were when the author published them.

This organisation was founded by my brother, and his software and development skills will be utilised by Tech[niques] from time to time.

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