Windows Live Writer (WLW) has no structured support for the hReview microformat and I have been unable to find any WLW plugins that add support.  I’ve developed this Dynamic Template to provide more user friendly hReview authoring support while waiting for a plugin or WLW enhancement to address this gap.


To use the hReview template you must first install the Dynamic Template plugin developed by Joe Cheng.  Thanks for your efforts Joe!

The easiest way to install the template is to double click the .wlwtemplate file after download.  This approach will request your permission before permanently installing the template.

Alternatively you can manually install the template file by copying it to your Application Data\WLWTemplates directory. e.g. copy hReview.wlwtemplate into

C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\WLWTemplates


To use the template:

  1. Change to HTML Code view using the View menu or Shift+F11
  2. Navigate to the location you want to insert the hReview
  3. Select the "Insert Template" menu or sidebar option
  4. Select the "hReview" template and press Continue
  5. Enter your review and hit OK when done

A post created using the template and styles can be found here.


You can download the template and a sample stylesheet below. 

hReview Dynamic Template Download Latest Version
hReview CSS Example Download Latest Version


Version Release Description
1.0 23/1/2008 Initial release
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